Bronson Speed Co. Skateboard Skate Bearings G3

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  • Deep Groove Raceways - balls roll deep in raceway channels - reduces side impact damage & breakage
    Straight Edge Frictionless Shields - pop off resistant - holds oil in, dirt and moisture out- easy to clean
    Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces - linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin
    Max Impact Cage Design - non- distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision spaced & oil circulating
    Balls Out Technology - eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go fast, stay fast bearing
    High Speed Ceramic Oil - nano-ceramic compounds for wear protection - moisture, rust, corrosion resistant
    Factory Fresh Quality - nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal & oil oxidation until ready to be ridden



  • Brand: Bronson Speed Co
  • Model: The G3
  • Color: Orange
  • 4 x Bearing Spacers
    8 x Speed Washers
    Set of 8 Skateboard bearings